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Privacy and Control

The US Cloud points out that only 36% of companies that consume cloud services adopt the Private Cloud as their primary platform because they do not trust these services.

Protection and Security

DRM Business Statistics indicates that only 23% of organizations rely entirely on public clouds (such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) to keep their data and infrastructure secure.

Team of Specialists

IDC points out that IT decision makers and stakeholders are coming out of public clouds because of the lack of security, poor performance, high costs, and poor control, mechanisms.

Cloud Can Make Your Business Grow

Data Center Tier 3

High availability and low latency links ensure the high performance of your applications.

1 Gbps of Bandwitdh

Best cost-benefit of the market with up to 10TB monthly traffic across all VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Geographic Replication

Our Data Centers across the United States provide protection and scalability for your infrastructure.


Setup virtual machines quickly in our platform. In less than 5 min you can have your first VM running.

Dedicated Servers

Modern equipment that guarantees the necessary robustness.

Host with Open Data Center

Keep your applications in a stable, scalable, secure cloud infrastructure with high availability and fully configurable for your needs.

Learn the benefits of taking your IT Infrastructure to the cloud!

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Virtual machines with pure SSD in high availability hyperconvergent environment.

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Dedicated Servers

High-performance setups available at our different Data Centers in the United States.

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Backup Gerenciado

Our backup solution covers Applications, Databases, NAS, and enterprise file servers.

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Cloud Storage

Storages 100% SSD que garantem a máxima performance e menor latência do mercado.

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Cloud Watch

Monitoramos sua Infraestrtura de uma ponta a outra: firewall, proxy, VMs, SOs e demais componentes do ambiente.

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Cloud Apps

Oferecemos as melhores soluções para hospedar suas aplicações: ERPs, CRMs e demais sistemas.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the Open Data Center does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money.

We Protect your Data

We have one of the most rigorous security policies in the market.